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Ruthanne Grimsley has been a Certified Pro Advisor for Intuit's QuickBooks and QuickBooks Pro since the program began in 1999.

QuickBooks, Level I

This class is for the person new to, or has never used QuickBooks.  The student will set up a company from the beginning and create a chart of accounts and list of items and services.  Students will go through adding, editing and deleting employee, customer & vendor information, as well as information on the products and services the company sells.  In the core training, you will learn how to enter your income and expense transactions, pay bills, write checks, etc.  The fundamentals of payroll and inventory will also be covered.  Last topic covered is reconciling bank accounts.  Reference manual is available for $20.

Prerequisites:  Basic understanding of Windows and typing skills are helpful.

QuickBooks, Level II

This class picks up where level 1 leaves off.  Students will learn more about Items & Services and setting them up; more about the Chart of Accounts including credit card, asset and liability accounts.  Students will learn how to memorize transactions that occur over and over and setup accounts when making new purchases (assets) with new loans (liabilities).  One session will be devoted to all things payroll:  time sheets, time tracking (whether or not you have payroll); set up complete hourly and salary payroll, keep track of payroll liabilities, print liability reports and process payroll liability payments to state and local governments.  One session will be dedicated to the reports available through QuickBooks, how to manipulate them, add and delete information from reports, formatting to change the appearance, make them fit on a single page, etc.  Students will learn to customize Iconbar and Forms (e.g., invoices, sales receipts, statements, etc.).  Class tracking will be discussed along with Job Cost accounting and setting up budgets.  Finally, students will learn about inventory and inventory functions and reports.  Reference manual is available for $20.

Prerequisites:  QuickBooks Level I

Point of Sale Training

QuickBooks Point of Sale instruction is available on a customized basis.  Staff is available to come to your location and train staff in any/or all of the following areas:

  • Connecting QuickBooks Point of Sale to QuickBooks Financial, including installation and configureation of hardware and software

  • Purchase Orders, Receiving Vouchers and other inventory functions

  • Making Sales, Returning Items, and other direct sales related topics

  • Running reports such as Inventory Reports, Sales Reports, Customer History, etc.